Time Management Tips

Organising your time is important if you want to achieve all those sassy goals you have. It can be very easy to get distracted by all the happenings in the world and given the negativity of news, it means you can get stuck in a rut and waste more time!

2021 is a good year to get started on those goals, I mean how much time are we spending at home, and let’s be honest once we are allowed out and things go back to normal I can assure you, myself included, we will be living the roaring 20’s again.

If you are slowly getting back into a routine after the Christmas break then here are some tips to push you in a more organised direction.

Put that Phone Away.

Social media is a MASSIVE distraction. Think about the number of times you’ve gone onto Instagram for a quick browse and then 1 hour has passed (yeah, you know what I’m talking about). If you actually totaled up the amount of time you spent on these social media platforms it would likely come to over 2 hours a day.

Set a social media time limit but be realistic about it. If you need social media for your side hustle figure out exactly how much time you need to do what you got to do and then set the time limit accordingly and make the most of scheduling apps – i.e schedule tweets, etc in advance so you don’t need to go on the app to tweet for example

If you still can’t resist the temptation of your phone then literally put your phone in a drawer for a few hours and get on with your work. Trust, your Whatsapp group chat will survive without you responding straight away.

Schedule Your Day

Look at the things you HAVE to do every week and then work around this. Things that would fall into the necessity category would be your full-time job, home workouts, housework, sleeping, and eating. #priorities.

If you map out your schedule for the week you can see where you have free time to get your hustle on – that free weekend afternoon can be very productive if you make it, especially now that we are all on lockdown.

Whilst you are looking at your day it’s also good to figure out what time is the most productive for you. Are you an early bird or do your thoughts happen in the afternoon? Think about this and then slot in the ‘necessities’ around this.

Get on Google

Google spreadsheets are a lifesaver, especially when you have a lot of things to do. I have spreadsheets for each project so I know what I need to do when etc – a great reference if I need to know whether I’ve missed something.

Calendar reminders are also everywhere in my life – reminding me when to submit things!

I also have lists of things I need to do – writing things down not only helps you keep on top of it but it can also help you prioritise what needs to be done first. There also is nothing better than ticking off things from your to-do list. A great way to perk yourself up.

And Remember…

Good time management is about finding what works for you and holding yourself accountable. It is about working SMARTER not harder.

If you do find yourself slipping and back to scrolling on social, don’t waste time feeling down about it, just acknowledge you slipped and don’t do it again. Once you get into the swing of things you will soon find great time management will become second nature.

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