Valentine’s day is around the corner and for all you singletons this is your reminder to use the day to celebrate yourself…because why not?

As someone who produces and co-hosts a dating and relationship talk show, I’ve learned a lot about love and there is nothing more important than loving yourself. Yes, 2021 is the year we stop focusing on whether we are in a relationship or not, and start focusing on our relationship with ourselves. It may sound self-absorbed but as women we are encouraged to be a certain way, live a certain way, nurture others often at our own detriment. So yeah, this V’day let’s turn our self-love game up a notch and continue to do so for 2021 and beyond…

Stop Comparing Yourself

A reminder that everyone’s journey is different and where you are right now is right for you. Some people could be getting married and starting a family in the ’20s, whilst others could be doing so in the ’40s and others are living their best single life for their whole life – there’s no set age to have done something by and there’s no set thing to have done. Create your own path, stop comparing, and feeling a need to follow the crowd because YOUR journey is what makes YOU great.

Don’t care what others think

Do you boo, and don’t give a damn what society says. The time you waste worrying about what someone may say could be better spent on bettering yourself and doing things that bring you joy!

Let go

Let go of fear – fear of trying new things, fear of what someone is going to say, fear of failure. Write your fears down on paper, see where they are coming from, and then rip the paper up and put it in the trash. Then write down all the positive things that can come from embracing change and living your life the way you want to live!

Focus on your wins

No matter how small, celebrate it. We are in a pandemic (not that we need reminding) so sometimes even just getting up in the morning is a win in itself. Rather than focusing on what you haven’t done, sit back and remind yourself what you have achieved – it will raise your vibration, resulting in a positive mindset and will actually make you more productive in the long run.

Know Your Worth

Remind yourself that you are worthy of everything good! Turn up and make the most of opportunities that come your way because you’re worthy of them. I saw something that said, “if you weren’t capable, the opportunity wouldn’t have come your way, you belong” – bam!

Put Yourself first

As women, we have a habit of putting everyone else before we look after our ourself. In a sense, by doing this we are teaching others that we come last. Do things that bring YOU joy, learn to enjoy spending time alone, and focus on self-care. Cook a meal you enjoy, do some yoga, meditate, watch a movie, read a book – whatever brings you joy! The more you focus on yourself, the more you will know what you want in life and what you don’t want.

Finally, be patient with yourself. Everything you go through makes you a stronger person so embrace the journey!

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