When it comes to relationships, finding yourself is a really important part of your life journey – it’s not a one-time thing, where you decide “oh yeah, I’ve just turned a certain age so it’s time to find myself.” It’s a process that is constantly happening as we age and evolve as people. Recently I spoke about the topic, in relation to dating, alongside my co-host of Up Your Game , as part of a workshop for the platform Not Your Wife , so I thought I would write some points on how to find yourself. If you are wondering then keep on reading…

Spend time alone

This isn’t always easy, but right now due to the pandemic and of course depending on your situation, a lot of people are spending more time alone. Pre-covid I would have recommended going to the cinema on your own, going for dinner on your own, etc. Now perhaps, go for some walks in the fresh air but don’t spend the time thinking about all the things you have to do – instead enjoy the scenery, look around, notice things you wouldn’t normally see! Basically, practise mindful walking.

Try something new

Right now I am sure most of us are getting a bit bored of the same routine, same scenery, so it’s the perfect time to try something new and help our mental health, as well as potentially find ourselves! Is there a hobby you’ve wanted to do for ages – perhaps take up painting? Try a new recipe, bake something new, take a new virtual exercise class. There are still new things to try whilst being at home!

Love Yourself

This is a really important one – love yourself and everything about you! Remember that your journey is your own unique journey. Don’t compare yourself to other people or think you need to fit this image that you see on Instagram or in the media. You don’t! Remember that you are perfect just the way you are.


Travel, travel, travel! Of course not right now but in 2021 when the pandemic becomes a thing of the past. Book yourself a flight to somewhere you’ve really wanted to go to. Travelling is great because not only do you learn about yourself, you also learn about new cultures. There is not a single person that doesn’t come back from a trip with a different viewpoint on life!

Finding yourself is important as you will know what you want in life, your purpose, your worth. You won’t take crap as you will know yourself and love your sassy self.

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