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This month we spoke to Neeha Pesala, who has been modeling for over 8 years and has competed in Miss Ohio USA! Neeha talks to us about managing her day job alongside modeling and her IG page Confidently Brown, which she created to instill confidence and shatter stereotypes.

What made you decide to set up Confidently Brown? 

I actually coined the hashtag a few years ago, as being brown-skinned was something I was not always confident in. I wanted to create a platform for young women to reclaim attributes of themselves they were once insecure of or lacked confidence in. That’s when I created the IG page, Confidently Brown. I hope to one day turn this into a nonprofit where I can instill confidence in curriculums within elementary schools and middle schools. 

How do you manage your time between your day job, creating content for Instagram, and then managing Confidently Brown? Whilst of course ensuring you don’t get burnt out? 

To add two more to the list, I also model and am a pageant competitor! Sometimes I don’t even know how I squeeze in time for everything!

I write everything in a physical planner as well as my phone calendar. I also make sure that I am allotting an equal amount of time for everything, apart from my full-time job. Whenever I have downtime, I try to take advantage of at least completing a task partially so I’m not having to sit down and do everything from start to finish in one sitting. Whether it’s completing a caption for a post or editing the photos ahead of time, I try to make the most beneficial use of my time. I make sure that I’m honest with myself if I do need a break and need to step away as that is beneficial in itself to come back to you with a project with fresh eyes. I recently started managing two IG pages and am still learning the ropes of balancing them both. 

What has been key to growing your social media following? 

Making connections and relating to others. But also showing what is unique about you, while being authentic and honest in your content so that you are speaking to connect and relate with your following. I always keep in mind that I want to show my followers that’s what I’m doing is not something unattainable. I’m here to show that you can do it too!

What top tips would you give to readers looking to set up their own platform?

What is something you already love to do? Build on that, it shouldn’t be something that you have to think about. Make sure to include this in your bio of any social media platform so that your followers/readers know what type of insight you can provide them with. Also, reach out to other bloggers/influencers, there are many who believe in collaboration over competition and would love to help you out. 

How do you stay motivated to keep doing what you do? 

To be honest I’m not always motivated. There are days where I will struggle to make content, have a creative block, or just feel exhausted. We have to remember that motivation doesn’t last it’s only a kick starter but determination is what takes you to the finish line. In order to feel the determination, I always try to remember why I started in the first place and my goals. 

Finally, what is your sassy life saying?

“Being unique is your superpower!”

When I was younger I noticed that there were many things about me that were different compared to my peers and friends. I saw that is something negative because I wanted to blend in. But as I grow up, I realize that embracing your uniqueness is advantageous because you bring something to the table that no one else does.


Neeharika is a Telugu model, pageant competitor, fitness enthusiast, and content creator. 

She competed in Miss Ohio USA, which was her first pageant placing as a semi-finalist + is competing again in July 2021! Alongside her day job as a business analyst, she has also coined hashtag & now Instagram page, Confidently Brown to instill confidence and shatter stereotypes.

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